Houseboy presents The Obelisk with Jalil Jafar and Felipe Ferro

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celine handbags canada goose click here out site The Obelisk in the center of the city has stood tall and majestic for many, many years as a beacon calling all gay men to come and admire and to find their own tall, erect and rock hard shaft. Felipe is sitting there one day admiring this monument when Jalil passes by canada goose, and Felipe’s imagination begins to run wild. All of  a sudden Felipe finds himself with Jalil in a room framed by their own Obelisk cages. Naked and erect they turn to each other and touch their daggers together. The men reach out to the other and tug on the fur that covers their muscled chests as their tongues greet one another in mid air. Felipe then opens his mouth and takes Jalil’s massive cock into his mouth and down his throat. Jalil then shows Felipe how much he loves the taste of dick and takes his dick all the way down to his furry patch of hair. Jalil positions himself between the two obelisks and lowers his ass down onto Felipe’s hungry tongue. Balancing between the two obelisks Jalil changes position and rams his raw cock into Felipe’s hairy hole. Jalil plays with Felipe’s pleasure by plunging his cock and in out of the hungry, wet hole. Jalil pumps away at Felipe’s ass until he coats it with his thick goose canada, creamy load and then injects the last of his load deep inside of Felipe’s ass. Felipe lies down, but not to rest.  He allows Jalil to grind his ass down on his steel rod. Jalil bangs away at Felipe’s hard dick until Felipe shoots his gooey load on and inside of Jalil’s ass.

Click for the video

Click for the video

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