Houseboy Dean Monroe gets plowed by deliveryman Lucio Saints

Hot superstar Dean is waiting for a delivery at home and longing for sex. Lucky delivery man Lucio parks downstairs and loads his trolley, oblivious to what’s in store on the top floor! Dean lets him in, but he soon discovers the lift is broken and he has to walk up the stairs to the 19th floor. Dean lets him in and feels sorry for the guy.  He offers him a drink and they sit down. Dean puts his hand on Lucio’s leg, with the excuse of complimenting him on their strength. Lucio is quick, grabs the hand, and moves it up to his cock. Dean is not the only one looking for a fuck. They kiss and Dean keeps massaging the delivery man’s crotch. Lucio unzips his trousers and reveals a massive hard cock. Dean can’t believe his luck and gets to work. He tries to swallow as much as he can but it’s simply too big. He kneels in front of Lucio to be able to suck on his massive balls. Dean then stands up and offers his cock to be sucked. Lucio accepts the offer, but at the same time works his hands round Dean’s asshole. Dean finds himself bent over the sofa with Lucio playing with his spread hole with tongue, fingers and cock. Shortly after that massive piece of engorged cock pushes against his still tight hole. It goes in. Deep. But not without Dean’s face screwing up in pain. Lucio fucks him deep and hard from the back then Dean sits on Lucio’s cock and fucks himself until he shoots a big load on his belly and Lucio delivers his thick and creamy cum to Dean’s balls and cock.streaming xXx: Return of Xander Cage 2017 filmlive streaming film Colossal

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