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Hairy Daddy fucks Houseboy twink

Hairy, bearded, and smoking hot, daddy Rich gives us the scoop on what he likes in a twink. He teamed up with twink Rox Matthews. This is the perfect match for some hot dad on lad action! Making out on the bed, the toned, pale French boy is shown the way by well dressed daddy Rich who wants to play with his new toy! With youth comes an amazing libido and a thirst for everything cock related, and Rich is just the man to quench this desire. Rox can’t wait to undress our daddy, exposing his furry body and growing bulge beneath those suit pants. Getting the scent of cock, Rox swallows every inch of his American cut dick, his pretty boy face being stretched from the shaft within. Flipped over, Rich asserts himself and raises Rox’s butt high into the air, filling his crack with his beard as he laps at that pink hole, ready for his dick to swiftly follow! Slowly working himself inside with the first thrust and then unleashing fuck after fuck, flipping the tiny twink this way and that until they both shoot their loads, exhausted from this hell of a fucking good time!


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Handsome Houseboy Charlie makes a mess on his desk

Handsome Houseboy Charlie Ford is working late in his office, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get any pleasure out of it! Sneaking onto one of his favorite club sites, the newest release is just the thing to relieve some of his pent up tension. Rubbing his growing bulge over his trousers, the youthful and very handsome young man gets more and more turned on for us, the glass desk proving extremely useful for us to see what’s going on under it! As he opens his work shirt for us, his soft chest hair, a beautiful sight for 搬瓦工 such a young lad to have turns us on even more, especially when his huge dick finally escapes his trousers, and he jerks furiously in from of the computer. His hairy blond legs showing us the way to his delicious balls and big dick is pure heaven, so when he flips out a fleshjack and fucks that hard, what more could there be to get us shooting into our laps! Pushing his thick shaft down as he penetrates the fleshjack, his veiny dick close to explosion and ultimately soaks his glass desk, leaving stream after for us to lap up.

Houseboy Alex Stevens and JP DuBois Groomsman gets fucked

Seductive and strapping Eurocreme star Alex Stevens takes on pale, toned hottie JP DuBois as the pair decide to spend the stag night shagging!! The sharp suits make Alex’s delicious, muscled body look even hotter, etoro especially as JP strips each layer off finally revealing Alex’s throbbing cock and then getting to work, sucking it hungrily! JP offers his creamy white ass for Alex to slam, which he does with lustful enthusiasm, making JP moan!