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Houseboy Jack Harrer turns Brian Jovovich’s Jerkoff into Hot Fucking

This scene starts with an innocent solo shoot featuring Brian Jovovich, but after a bit there is a nice surprise for Brian… The surprise is Jack Harrer who has sneeked in the room while Brian was busy stroking his cock. Both guys are very physically matched with nice fit penis enlargement bodies, sandy hair, and nice big_dicks, Jack with shaved balls, and Brian au naturel. With these two versatile performers it would hard to guess who is the bottom.  For today it is Brian that is the lucky receiver of Jack’s tool. Watch how he takes it only at BelAmiOnline.

Handsome Houseboy Charlie makes a mess on his desk

Handsome Houseboy Charlie Ford is working late in his office, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get any pleasure out of it! Sneaking onto one of his favorite club sites, the newest release is just the thing to relieve some of his pent up tension. Rubbing his growing bulge over his trousers, the youthful and very handsome young man gets more and more turned on for us, the glass desk proving extremely useful for us to see what’s going on under it! As he opens his work shirt for us, his soft chest hair, a beautiful sight for 搬瓦工 such a young lad to have turns us on even more, especially when his huge dick finally escapes his trousers, and he jerks furiously in from of the computer. His hairy blond legs showing us the way to his delicious balls and big dick is pure heaven, so when he flips out a fleshjack and fucks that hard, what more could there be to get us shooting into our laps! Pushing his thick shaft down as he penetrates the fleshjack, his veiny dick close to explosion and ultimately soaks his glass desk, leaving stream after for us to lap up.